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Remix アルバム: The Remixes

1997/09/17 2,039円

  1. Feel My Heart (Plasma Mix)
  2. Seasin (Cloudy Skies Mix)
  3. I'll get over you (Intensive Mix)
  4. Looking Back On Your Love (Groove That Soul Mix)
  5. Here and everywhere (Super Bootbeat Mix)
  6. Future World (Right Attitude Remix)
  7. Dear My Friend ('97 Pumped Up Mix)
  8. Never Stop! (Satoshi's Summer Breeze Mix)
  9. I'll get over you (Lightfoot's Down Beat Mix)
  10. たとえ遠く離れてても… (Trip Strip Mix)
  11. Future World (Further Contact Mix)



Remix アルバム: The Remixes II

1998/11/18 3,059円

  1. Face the change (EBOMAN'S REMIX)
  2. Shapes Of Love (Deejay Punk Remix)
  3. 今でも…あなたが好きだから (Tuff Jam's Classic Garage Remix)
  4. 出逢った頃のように (Hybrid Remix)
  5. Hometown (Toon's R & B Remix)
  6. モノクローム (DOM + Roland Remix)
  7. Time goes by (Hybird Remix)
  8. For the moment (Satoshi's Burst MIx Ver.2)
  9. True colors (Fake Colors Treatment Take1)
  10. Shapes Of Love (D-Z Bleeding Messiah MIx Ver.2)
  11. 今でも…あなたが好きだから (Hal's Go Insane Mix)
  12. 出逢った頃のように (NAO'S ATOMIC MIX)
  13. All along (Dub's Double-Speed Remix)



Eurobeat アルバム: SUPER EUROBEAT presents Euro Every Little Thing

2001/09/05 3,059円

  1. For the moment (Euroverdrive mix)
  2. Face the change (Melodic Remix)
  3. 出逢った頃のように (Pop Remix)
  4. FOREVER YOURS (Euro-Pop Mix)
  5. Rescue me (Melancholy Mix)
  6. NECESSARY (Power Mix)
  7. Future World (Euro-Power Mix)
  8. Time goes by (Eurosenti Mix)
  9. Pray (Delta Pop Mix)
  10. Someday,Someplace (Europop Mix)
  11. Shapes Of Love (Plug And Play Mix)
  12. Over and Over (Traditional Mix)
  13. Feel My Heart (Eurobeat Mix)
  14. sure (Eurolovers Remix)
  15. fragile (White Roses Remix)



Remix アルバム: The Remixes III~Mix Rice Plantation~

2002/02/27 3,059円

  1. jump (cbsmgrfc obrigado mix)
  2. Over and Over (A mais querida remix)
  4. The One Thing (*cbsmgrfc topgear mix)
  5. 愛のカケラ (Smoove Mix)
  6. sure (Grow Sound Mix)
  7. Smile Again (JIN JIN MIX)
  8. fragile (fpm bitter sweet samba mix)
  9. Graceful World (PROMISED mix)
  10. Rescue me (Grow Sound mix)
  11. NECESSARY (feeling is jammin' mix)
  12. Get Into A Groove (Sunaga't Experience's remix)
  13. キモチ (*cbsmgrfc blissfull mix)



Trance アルバム: Cyber TRANCE presents ELT TRANCE

2002/02/27 3,059円

  1. Future World (Mike Koglin remix)
  2. Someday,Someplace (DAVE 202 & Phil Green remix)
  3. fragile (Airwave remix)
  4. Face the change (Dirt Devils vs Above & Beyond remix)
  5. Rescue me (JamX & De Leon's Du Monde remix)
  6. FOREVER YOURS (VooDoo & Serano remix)
  7. Time goes by (Darren Tate remix)
  8. 出逢った頃のように (Micro Tools known as Plastic Angel remix)
  9. Pray (Quo Vadis remix)
  10. For the moment (Ferry Corsten/system F remix)
  11. Shapes Of Love (DJ Balloon remix)
  12. 愛のカケラ (Vincent de Moor remix)
  13. Dear My Friend (Svenson & Gielen remix)
  14. Feel My Heart (Moogwai remix)
  15. Over and Over (Chris Coco remix)





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