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The following apartments are currently available for rent.

Sugihara apartments are located close to Hankyu Sonoda Station and 9 minutes from Umeda, Osaka by train.

All Sugihara Apartments include an air conditioner, free Internet access and a shower.

PLEASE NOTE: Room sizes in Japan are measured in tatami. A?tatami?()?is a type of?mat?used as a flooring material in traditional?Japanese-style rooms.?1 tatami = 1.53 square meters (16.46 square feet.) Western-style rooms usually have wood flooring.

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Apartment with loft F204

  • Living Room: 8western-style
  • Kitchin: 2
  • Loft: 6
  • Loft space with a large window.
  • Free Internet.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Bathroom with shower and a toilet.
  • Faces south.
  • Refrigerator and washing machine included.

Apartment C71

  • Living Room:8
    western-style room
  • Kitchen: 1.2
  • Utility room:0.5
  • Bed loft to increase living space.
  • Bay window and skylight.
  • Free Internet.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Refrigerator and washing machine included.
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